``And, ACTION!``

All the puzzle pieces placed in Pre-Production are now moving forward in this this stage called Principal Photography, often referred to as Production. 


During this phase, the primary goal is to stick to both the budget and schedule. This is where the organization of Pre-Production applies.


is key between clients, producers, office production company- in short, all parties involved.

Principal Photography:

Cameras are rolling!

  • This stage is likely the most expensive phase of film production, due to actor, director, and set crew salaries, as well as costs of certain shots.
  • The budget is still a main driving force, as well as remaining on time with the shot list and other schedules. 
  • Efficiency is key, and not a minute can go to waste in this phase. 


Why go for an Animated Video?

Did you know 55% of all pageviews get less than 15 seconds of attention? 

Animation videos evokes emotions that resonate with the viewers. It makes your audience want to follow the story. So, people are more likely to pay attention to animated video than to traditional ads!

Check out the benefits of using Animated Video:

  • You can bring any concept to life.
  • You can give contexts to your ideas.
  • You can strike the right tone.
  • You can visually represent abstract ideas.
  • You can easily manage video production.