What is Pre-Production?

Pre-Production is the first stage where Pre-Planning & Organization happen. Pre-Production covers everything leading up to the shoot. Before the fun begins on set and cameras start recording, all elements need to be approved by the client or studio. Now, let’s get the Green Light!

Elements of Pre-Production include:

  • Planning for Financial Budgets
    Developing Storyboards
  • Authorizing Contracts
    Determining Shoot Dates, Schedules, & Call Sheets
  • Finding & Booking Shoot Locations
    Appointing Crew and Talent



Whether you need content for your office website, a product you have developed, creative driven media, or a full-scale feature film we have all the professional resources to produce your idea that will benefit you and your business.

The Storyboarding process is a graphical representation of the video you plan to create. Storyboards provide a clear way for everyone involved in a project to have a good understanding of what it will look like. This will ensure that the production company understands the client brief, and the client understands what the production company intends to make.  

Call Sheet is a document sent out to the cast and crew that outlines where they need to be for the following shoot day. It also outlines the daily shooting schedule for the day, informs the cast and crew of weather conditions, parking regulations, and all other pertinent details.

Once we have the Greenlight by our film industry professionals, pre-production is now approved and can now move to principal photography.