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At the center of Puerto Rico’s revolutionary movements in the late 1970’s, a veteran police, Rodrigo Cid, recruits a young man, member of the “ Pro-Independence Student Federation” (FEPI, by its Spanish acronym); Armando, in order to receive internal FEPI information. Not long after, Armando’s ideology and plans began to dissipate as he was submerged in the undercover information exchange. The student there after, dives into a double life where he becomes both a member of a revolutionary group and an undercover agent. To prove himself to the police, and feed his growing ambitions, he instigates other FEPI members to different actions which gives the police sufficient motives to apprehend them.

Meanwhile, the government have their own plans in motion. Rodrigo uses Armando’s ambitions and trust, and convinces him to organize a group (with two other revolutionaries), which will later be ambushed and arrested. The plan is simple, the young guys will forcibly enter a communication station, take over, and broadcast a revolutionary message, the police will then intervene and arrest them. Armando and his revolutionary friends, motivated by being part of the revolutionary history of Puerto Rico, kidnap a cap driver to drive them to the communications towers. The duo is then surprised by a heavily armed police squad. In the middle of the ambush, things escalate and now a cab driver becomes witness to a series of events that should of have never happened.

After the incident, a series of investigations and prosecutions followed to clarify the facts. All evidence pointed to high rank government officials and the police. After years of prosecutions, due to his consciousness Armando decides to visit Rodrigo but he is intercepted and killed by a group of unknown idealists.


I was afraid to meet up with Rodrigo.
It was like entering the sea, when your foot doesn’t touch the bottom,
and a shifting tremor starts to built in the stomach.
There was always the possibility, that somebody could recognize us and at that point, it would end everything.
Puerto Rico en los años 70
Power is not a luxury whore, is a tiger with very sharp claws.
You have to learn how to use it, always to your advantage.
A cop with a master plan.
A revolutionary.
Based on true events.
Let’s keep feeding them rope, Let them create fame, to make a name.
I’m asking you not to go around saying that I am a cop.
Because if they are nobody, it won’t mean anything that we catch them.
Maybe it was my voice, or the nervousness of having that cold animal in his hands. The fact is that Orlando pulled that trigger,
and a burst filled the ears of all who were in the automobile.
We have to clean this city, Rodrigo.
The bastard has deceived us, he made a fool of us.
If you do not say what you know, I ‘ll tell the little that I know.
Is a go ahead!
Aim to the head, coward! Kill me good you mother fucker!
Make shure that you kill me you mother fucker!
who is so foolish to leave his legs to the slow caress of water waves. Without fear that something that rises from the bottom and the snatches them.
The Hill Of Vultures
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